Our Socialization & Puppy Training Classes in Los Angeles (2-5 months)

Just got a puppy? Help them put their best paw forward in life by socializing and training them at an early age! Learning social cues and basic obedience at an early age builds confidence and results in a well-adjusted dog. If you live in Glendale or the surrounding areas of Los Angeles, our puppy training classes are the perfect way for them to get out in the world and make friends with all breeds and sizes.

The K9 Logic Jump Start Puppy Program is designed for puppies aging from 2 months to 5 months. We know this is the most crucial stage of their mental development so we want to implement reinforcing (or imprinting) desired behaviors and avoid or eliminate bad ones. Puppies are growing, developing and learning so rapidly that every experience during this age is of utmost important. Delaying training and socialization can mean missed opportunities for your puppy to learn how you would like them to behave. Think of this as “puppy boot camp” for both you and your puppy. It will give you a head start in training, socialization, and confidence building – for both of you.

The Benefits of K9 Logic Puppy Training & Socialization Classes

Socialize Your Puppy

Socializing your puppy early on in their life will expose them to new experiences when they are in their prime learning stage. In our Puppy Social, he or she will gain exposure to other dogs, people, sounds, and new experiences. They can explore and experiment with behaviors in a safe, guided environment with our supervision. We can also point out any negative tendencies or unwanted behaviors that we see and help you to course correct them before they become a habit. It’s much easier to shape a new desired behavior then to un-train years of a conditioned negative habit.

Build Confidence

By challenging your puppy with age appropriate tasks and new exercises that mentally challenge them, they begin to build confidence, shape their identity and learn to problem solve. This is especially helpful for timid or scared puppies, because that can become problematic later. When your puppy feels confident, they are less likely to display reactive or aggressive behaviors when they grow older.

Encourage Engagement

Learn an introduction to luring to increase engagement and strengthen the bond between you and your puppy. This will be the key to your success as you grow deeper and deeper in your puppy training journey.

Learn Basic Obedience

Show your puppy that learning and obedience is FUN! These basic skills encourage patience, curb impulse control and build foundational training for you to build upon. With the combination of one on one private training classes and the group setting of the Puppy Social, you will get a chance to proof your training in a controlled environment before you go out in the world (especially dog parks!)

Tips for Crate & Potty Training

Learn the benefits of crate training and good crate manners early on and teach your puppy to love their safe space. If this is taught when they are young, it will be much easier for you to maintain as they get older. This is also tied with enforcing potty training, which we will also give training tips for.





5 In-Person Private Training Classes

8 In-Person Private Training Classes

12 In-Person Private Training Classes

6-week Puppy Training Course

10 Puppy Social Sessions (for ages 2-5 months)

6-week Puppy Training Course

10 Puppy Social Sessions (for ages 2-5 months)

6-week Puppy Training Course

10 Puppy Social Sessions (for ages 2-5 months)