Dog Obedience Classes for Every Level in Los Angeles

Want to build your confidence as a handler and have complete control of your dog? Want to take a more active role in your dog’s training? The K9 Logic private dog training program would be best for you! Unlike our board and train program, where your dog would come and stay with us for the duration of their training, our private training program includes individual and group classes with our trainers, you and your dog. These dog training classes allow you to get hands on training, instruction, guidance and practice so that you can work with your dog at home.

What is different about our Private Dog Training Program?

Unlike any other dog training classes in Los Angeles, our private training includes an equal combination of private sessions and group sessions. This unique offering allows you to get the one-on-one instruction with the best dog trainers in Los Angeles, and practice proofing your skills in a supervised “real world” environment surrounded by distractions and other dogs. This real world, group environment is what is missing from other training programs, and the key to success.


During your private dog training sessions, you will work one-on-one with one of our trainers to work on obedience commands and your control. The individual environment allows the trainer to be hands on with you and your dog to observe your progress, address any obstacles and address your personal training goals with your dog. It also allows for that individualized attention that is crucial especially if you are a new dog owner or have a dog with any behavior issues. Almost 100% of people see results after their first private session, but your commitment, consistency and dedication to your dog’s training is what will make this a success long-term!  


After you have spent time individually with your trainer and you have a firm grasp on your new skills, you will begin proofing your training in a group environment. In a real-life environment like the K9 Logic facility or the Glendale Americana Mall, you will join our trainers, along with 10-30 other dogs in training, to proof your skills out in the world. The distractions of other people, dogs and new surroundings creates a busy, but supervised, place for your fully solidify your dog’s new skills. It not only allows our trainers to see any trouble you are having and help you correct it, but it helps you to feel more confident handling your dog while encountering everyday occurrences. These group outings are available to K9 Logic trainees and alumni ONLY.  

What will you walk away with after our Private Dog Training Classes?

A Stronger Bond

Through private training sessions, your bond and connection with your dog will strengthen greatly. Our trainers will teach you how to communicate effectively with your dog, which will increase their engagement with you.

Obedience Training

You will work to strengthen basic to advanced obedience (depending on the package) with new exercises, practices and commands. If you put in the work, you will see improvement in your dog's overall behavior starting from the first day.

Diminish Distraction

As you work on your dog's overall obedience, he/she will become desensitized to distraction while you are working. This includes other dogs, moving objects and even loud noises.

Enhanced Confidence

You, as well as your dog, will experience a boost in confidence as you go through your training. Training not only helps to raise your dog's self-esteem, but it will also allow you to grow into being a more confident handler and leader. This gives you better control of your dog in all sorts of situations.

Leash Behavior

Our private training classes will build your dog's on leash skills, while also preparing them to begin off leash control - if that's something you are working towards.



5 Private Training Classes (In-Person)

No behavior modification or aggression

$995 $2075

  • Intro to K9 Logic’s Method
  • Teaching your canine “how to learn”
  • Correcting unwanted behaviors like leash pulling
  • Asking for desired obedient behaviors: Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Place, & Leash Manner
  • On Leash Training
  • CGC Prep


8 Private Training Classes (In-Person)

Minor Behavior Modification:
Nipping, Chewing, Digging

Some Aggression

$1595 $3200

  • Everything in the Basic Package, plus
  • Increasing long duration, distance and distraction follow with basic obedience
  • On leash building toward off leash
  • Advanced CGC Prep


12 Private Training Classes (In-Person)

Complex Behavior Modification:
Resource guarding

Serious Aggression (People, dogs, bite history)

$2385 $4800

  • Everything in the Intermediate Package, plus
  • Advanced off leash obedience.
  • Execute commands from a distance
  • Advanced CGC Prep

Evaluation is necessary for anyone interested in this program. The number of classes/package is determined on a case by case basis, dependent on your dog’s behavioral issues and your training goals. This will be determined after their evaluation.