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What is the difference between a Board & Train program and Private Sessions?

Board and Train means your dog will be staying with us for the entire duration of the training, which ranges from 3 to 8 weeks. When your dog stays with us, it allows us to see their true behavior once they become more comfortable. It usually takes a few days for a dog to adapt to a new environment, and from there we can build a trusting relationship with them. Your dog will be learning 24/7, as even on their downtime we are teaching them to be calm inside their kennels or on their placemats. They quickly learn to respect their home and not treat it as a playground. The quicker they learn house rules, the quicker they get to play! Dogs learn from basic commands on-leash, to off-leash commands at an expert level. We love going on training field trips, which means our boarding students get to enjoy trips every week to the pet stores, department stores, parks, and even to our favorite coffee shops! Being in different environments helps dogs explore different opportunities to learn manners outdoors with real life experiences. Once your dog graduates from our Academy, we will then teach you the how to communicate with your dog so you can easily maintain the training at home and continue effortlessly with your every day lives! Private sessions are great if you are willing to put the time into learning how to train your dog on your own. Sessions are held twice per week, and the duration of each class is roughly one hour. With our guidance, you will learn how to teach your dog basic on leash commands. Once your dog has learned commands on leash, you can keep coming back to advance your dog little by little, depending on you and your dog’s training pace. It is typically a longer process, and if you don’t do your training homework on the days we don’t meet, your dog will not be able to learn as quickly, therefore not seeing effective results. Any program works if you put the time into it, and we thrive on seeing you succeed with your pup!

Will I get to visit my dog while they are boarding?

Will my dog miss me while they are boarding?

Will my dog be on a schedule? What does a Board & Train day look like?

We start our day by letting our dog students out to potty and socialize for 20 minutes. Once they go back in their kennels, they have breakfast and we take them out individually on a structured walk. During our walk, we focus on the “heel” command, and teach the dogs to ignore other dogs and people outside. After our walk, the dogs go back in their kennels for nap time. After nap time we begin obedience training with one single dog and then we switch! The duration of one training complex is usually 30-45 minutes, depending on your dog’s energy level and state of mind. Every dog typically gets 3 rounds of training per day. They get fed breakfast and lunch during their training sessions, or inside their kennels. It depends on what we are working on that day. The dogs go on a second potty break between 1pm and 3pm, where they socialize again and then rest until we begin our third training complex. Depending on the level of training your dog is receiving, we will focus the training on field trips to the park, malls, stores, etc. If we are not out training, we are inside a home environment, focusing on house rules and boundaries. Once all the training has been completed for the day, they are fed dinner and go back out for their third potty/ socialization break between 7pm and 9pm. After break time, they go back to their kennels, and go to bed for the night! Every dog typically gets 3 rounds of training per day. We have a rotating system, which means we work with one dog, while the others rest in their kennels or in a place cot, then we switch. They get fed breakfast and lunch during their training sessions, or inside their kennels. We make sure to provide all our dog students with much needed rest and playtime as well because they deserve it!

Does my dog have to be neutered/spayed in order to enter any Board and Train programs?

What happens in a medical emergency situation?

What vaccinations are needed for my dog to start the Board and Train program?

What does balanced training mean?

Balanced training means we apply a correction for an unwanted behavior, and apply positive reinforcement for good choices. A correction is simply a humane leash and collar correction, or by applying quick stimulation through an E-Collar. Positive reinforcement can be anything from toys, to food, to praise. Every dog responds differently to reinforcements, so we use whatever reward will be the highest value to them. Why do we correct? Because we want to teach the dog right from wrong! Once they understand the difference, it encourages them to seek guidance from you. This can potentially save their lives if a dog is aggressive, or is simply bad-mannered or too playful and likes to run away from you. We have studied the way a dog reacts using an all-positive based training as opposed to balanced, and we found that dogs would only please us momentarily to get a reward when there was no balance. Commands would have to constantly be repeated (sit, stay ,stay, stay, sit), way too many treats were given, the dog wouldn’t respect any kind of structure for more than a minute, but most importantly, they were only achieving rehearsed commands, instead of learning to make right choices and changing their bad habits. Any dog can sit and stay for a treat, but will they stay when they spot a cat across a busy street? Our YES/NO balanced approach is so effective, we mostly tell dogs YES 90% of the time, and NO only 10% of the time, allowing them to enjoy the training, while learning simultaneously!

Why do you use E-Collars?

Do you use E-Collars on every dog for training?

Why do you use Prong Collars?

Will my dog be around aggressive dogs?

How can I successfully maintain my dog’s training after returning home from boarding?

Do you offer discounts or sales for multiple dogs?

I have tried multiple trainers, and no one has been able to successfully change my dog’s behavior. What makes your program different?

I really need help with my dog, but I can’t afford your programs- Are there any other options?

Do we do in home training?

What’s our training methods?

Do we training tools?

Which tool is right for your dog?

Are you certified dog trainers?

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