Professional Development Program

What makes this program unique is that we’ll cover a wide spectrum of dog training from basic to advance obedience, puppy development, behavioral modification and serious behavioral cases. You will learn all the skills, given tools and resources necessary to give every dog the opportunity to succeed.

Our program is perfect for those of you who are considering becoming a professional trainer, walker, doggie daycare, rescue org. or businesses in the canine profession.
If you are interested in advancing your personal handling skills, training or are looking to start a career in the dog industry, this is the perfect opportunity. If you are having trouble starting up your current business, we will teach you how to successfully and grow your company. During your time with us, you will gain insider knowledge of the dog training industry and will receive a comprehensive education in the skills and day-to-day operations employed by our professional trainers. We will have working spots available (You will get to work with your own dogs and the dogs we have in our facility at the time)

What You Will Learn:

  • Dog Training Theory
  • Vocabulary of behaviorists and the psychologists who teach cognition and memory: e.g (the four quadrants, classic and operate conditioning, Karen Pryor, BF Skinner, Pavlov)
  • Evaluation and assessment
  • How to build motivation
  • Handling Techniques
  • Free Shaping
  • How to charge marker
  • Walking Etiquette
  • On and Off Leash Training
  • Basic to advance obedience
  • Tools Application of Training Tools (when, how and why they’re used)
  • Troubleshooting with dog behaviors
  • Muzzle Training
  • Puppy Development and Fundamentals
  • Safe Socialization (Reading body language)
  • How to break up a dog fight
  • Behavioral Modification and Management (fearful, aggressive, anxiety, resource guarding etc)